Fratelli Martini - Casa Sant'Orsola

Fratelli Martini is an Italian wine grower known for its brand Sant'Orsola (Canti abroad).

The launch of the social campaign is characterized by refined and fashion style corresponding to the festive and chic brand image. Here are some categories of the creative social strategy.




Fratelli Martini


Social media, Web

Perfect Day

Posts made by collage art to represent the moments you can enjoy with a bottle of Spumante from Casa Sant'Orsola.

Magnetic Wine

Bottles of Sant'Orsola put in kaleidoscopic animations to put the bottle in its best light, a creative angle to emphasize the particularity and the originality of the sparkling wine.

Perfect Glossary

A category that aims to teach the brand's fans to the basics of the oenological vocabulary, to allow them to improve their knowledge in wine, and to make them appreciate the quality of the Casa Sant'Orsola's wine.

Teasing - ICE bottle

Casa Sant'Orsola released a special spumante wine, called ICE, for which a special teasing had to be done to presents the very special world of this sparkling wine, from the mind of the stylist Eleonora Martini.

Teasing - ICE cocktails

One of the particularities of the ICE Prosecco wine is that you can make cocktails with it, created by the famous Italian bartender Bruno Vanzan, like the "Best Service". So, we teased this cocktail by presenting the ingredients one by one, then the finished cocktail.

ICE website

For the launch of the new Sant'Orsola Ice Prosecco, a mini-website was designed to present the new sparkling wine: the atmosphere created by Eleonora Martini, wine's caracteristics, cocktails, ...